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What is a Dental Prosthesis?

Dental prosthesis are appliances that replace the function of lost teeth and the surrounding tissues. They not only provide the chewing and speaking functions, but also contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the patients, making them socially comfortable and happy.

What is a Dental Bridge?
A dental crown bridge is a type of dental prosthetic device used to replace missing teeth.
It consists of two main parts: a dental crown, which is a cap that is placed over an existing tooth to improve its appearance and function, and a bridge, which is a false tooth or teeth that are suspended between two crowns.
The crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap left by the missing tooth, and the false tooth or teeth are then attached to the crowns, effectively “bridging” the gap.
This type of dental prosthetic is typically used when there are one or more missing teeth in a row.

Laminate Veneer Restorations

Laminate veneer restorations provide esthetic and functional solutions by removing minimal tooth structure. Laminate veneer is a satisfactory treatment alternative that protects dental tissues. Most often tooth preparation is limited within the enamel while restoring the diastema between the teeth, the form and position defects and the color changes of the teeth. Thanks to the developments in dentistry, laminate veneers are commonly preferred in traditional or digital smile design restorations.

Zirconia Restorations

Zircon restorations are mechanically the most durable ones among dental ceramics. Thanks to their superior mechanical strength, no metal support is needed, and their biological compatibility is excellent. They can be used safely especially in the posterior teeth and long restorations like bridges. In terms of aesthetics, although they are not as high as glass ceramics, they do offer satisfactory results much better than metal ceramic restorations.

Glass Ceramic Restorations

Glass ceramics are aesthetically the most superior ones. They perfectly imitate the optical properties of teeth. Although they are not as strong as zirconia in terms of mechanical properties, they are the first choice especially for anterior restorations where relatively less strength is required. The bond strength of glass ceramics to enamel and dentin is very high therefore these materials are the best solutions for laminate veneers and partial crowns. The biological superiority is also scientifically proven in long term clinical studies.

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