Our patients are laughing much more confidently now. Witness their journey!

Our dear patient John struggled with his dental health for many years. After his consultation, we agree on ball attachment dentures to give him a more aesthetic smile and the easiest option to manage his dental hygiene. He could not be happier with the results.

Our dear patient Shu always wanted a healtier and more beautiful smile and luckily, she found us. With 6 implants and 28 zirconium crowns, we achieved the smile of her dreams.

Our dear patient Paul got 4 implants on the right side of his bottom jaw. After the 2 months healing process, we completed his treatment with full mouth zirconium crowns which covered his own teeth. Now we can see a completely perfect smile and a happy person in the end of our work.

Our patients’ confidence, happiness and a new chance to smile again are best awards for all our team.

Our dear patient Lucy barely had any teeth left in her mouth due to years of neglect and fear of dentists. Our doctors started with the extractions of the remaining teeth and putting the implants in her jaws. After the healing process, they completed her treatment with fixed permanent all on 4 dentures and gave her the smile she had been seeking for years.

Our dear patient Tim had 2 teeth especially bothering him because of their placement and his other teeth were uneven. Our dental team started with the extractions of those two teeth and very carefully prepare his other teeth for zirconium crowns. After two extractions and 25 zirconium crowns, our team managed to give him a brand new smile.

The first part of the treatment for our beautiful patient was implantation instead of the old bridges of upper and lower jaw. With 7 implants we completed first step of way to a perfect smile. After 3 months of healing process, we completed the final look with 28 zirconium crowns. Life changing full smile makeover.

Our dear patient Sam had problems with bruxism and wanted to get a brand new smile. We had to extract one of his teeth which had too much damaged to be saved and covered it with a zirconium bridge. We covered all his other teeth with zirconium crowns individually and completed his new healthy smile.

Our dear patient Natalia had been struggling with dental problems for a while before she contacted us. With a full mouth implant restoration, our experienced doctors gave her new healthy smile and now she is happier than ever. She looks even more beautiful with her new smile.

Our dear patient Raul had problems with his teeth for a long time. He came to us with his teeth barely attached to his jaw bones. Our dental team decided that the best option for him is all on 6 treatment. They started by extracting all his teeth and replacing them with 12 implants. After 3 months of healing time, his treatment was completed with 24 zirconium crowns.

Our lovely patient Carly came to us with her parents’ reference. Her smile was completed with 6 implants and 24 zirconium crowns.
Now she can smile more confidently and beautifully. We wish our patient a lifetime of healty smiles.

Our dear patient Dean had bruxism (teeth grinding) and had several cracks on his teeth. We choose the shape and color of his new teeth together and completed the treatment with 26 zirconium crowns. He finally has the smile of his dreams.

Our dear patient Kathryn came to us with a request of a better smile. With 20 zirconium crowns, we managed to give her a beautiful smile. Now she has the smile of her dreams.

Our dear patient Nigel had 24 zirconium and 3 golden crowns. His priority was to have golden teeth on one side and now all his teeth are in perfect balance with one another. His smile is exactly what he asked for and he is shining!

Our patient was referred to us by another dentist. Her upper central and lateral incisors were fractured, and she wanted to have 4 teeth restored. She previously had orthodontic treatment and she was not happy with her appearance. She did not even have any smiling pictures since she was avoiding having her teeth seen. After a thorough examination of her mouth, we told her that having a functional esthetic by restoring only 4 teeth was not possible. 12 teeth (6 upper and 6 lower anterior) needed to be restored in order to have a complete rehabilitation of her mouth. Wax-up followed by mock-up were prepared. Patient approved the mock-up and 12 teeth were prepared minimally. Digital impression was taken. STL data was sent to the lab. 12 laminate veneers were prepared from pressed lithium silicate material. The laminate veneers were cemented using light cure resin cement.

Our dear patient Philip contacted us and requested a whiter and healtier smile. We covered his missing front teeth with zirconium bridges and with 28 zirconium crowns, his new smile was completed.

For our dear patient Karen, we renewed the removable prosthesis on her upper jaw. On her bottom jaw, she had only 6 teeth which we covered with 10 zirconium crowns. She went back home with a healthy, comfortable and aesthetic new smile.

Our dear patient Shaun came to us with an aesthetic treatment request for his uneven teeth. Our dentists worked carefully to achieve the smile of his dreams. With 27 zirconium crowns, his smille was completed and he couldn’t be happier.

Our dear patient Mark was originally agreed to get his treatment in another clinic. However, he wasn’t happy with their consultation and decided to come to us last minute. His smile was completed with 26 zirconium crowns and he got the most natural looking smile as he desired.

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    Copyright 2022 by Dental Wise Turkey. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2022 by Dental Wise Turkey. All rights reserved.